"What do I say?!!"

Nickelodeon is already interested in bringing back Invader Zim but just needs proof they won't lose money (source). So relax, you're just showing support.  You're not writing a persuasive essay to convince men in suits. Still some of you want to put some thought into things and we figure you'd appreciate these tips.


Nickelodeon already knows they hype about Gir and they're more than aware of the success of Invader Zim based merch .... and that the show is brilliant... and that the show is okay for kids seven and up... and plenty at Nick believed it should never have cancelled.  They heard it before, many agree, many believe you.  

So write about your personal experiences rather than how much you bought. What the show or a character or a Zim toy meant to you on a personal level instead of how much is in your closet.  
(Take me for instance. The World Domination hoodie scored me a few dates and I can't wait to watch new episodes in the Invader Zim inflatable chair I found in my basement! ~CB Johnny)

Here's what NOT to talk about. (please and thank you)

-Do not  discuss how much you're angry at Nick for cancelling it.
Nickelodeon loved Invader Zim, gave it a huge budget but had to let it go when their target age range wasn't watching it enough.  Their commercial breaks are full of products aimed at children and not college audiences.

-Please do not mention Operation Head Pigeons.  at all
We want Nick to realize this belongs to the entire fanbase. They don't have a problem with us or anything, it's just that they need to see how widespread the interest is. :)

-Spare them your negative opinions of Nick's other programming.
You wouldn't beg your mom to make this beautiful and expensive chocolate  cake that she's not sure she can afford in the long run and then treat her like dirt by yelling "Don't make the vanilla cake though, because your vanilla cake sucks!"  ....would you?

If you can't prove something about the show's history with an interview, blogpost (from a cast or crew member), DVD commentay, or convention panel recording then treat it as false.