Bonus question: Eh, my friend forced me to look at this site, but I'm not quite sure what a "ZIM" is.
 Invader ZIM is a Nickelodeon show made a decade ago. It's a dark comedy sci-fi.  Watch a few episodes here.

Anything I need to know when I'm writing the letter?
Check our 'tips' page for that.
 Can I write more than one letter?
Please don't.  Why cheat? Especially when we're going to do fine.  Just spread word.  If each of you merely told one person then we'll do more than great.  So please. One letter per person, thanks! :)
 Can I send fan art?
 You bet.  
 Can I email my letter instead? 
 We urge you to do your best to mail it. It's too easy to send an email.
Why not a petition or a race to a gazillion Facebook fans?
That never worked, it won't work now. Seriously stop trying that. It distracts people from Project Massive and OHP.
 Care to elaborate about that 'interrupting screaming llama' on Operation Head Pigeons?
The screaming llama is a running gag for when the page admin are referring to stuff they legally can't tell you yet.  "Killing/Silencing the Llama" is our way of saying "the secrets shall be revealed" soon.  The llama is silent now so SEND YOUR LETTERS.

 What if Project Massive doesn’t work?
Every precaution is being taken and so much is going on behind the scenes.  Just you wait. 
What happens if this does work?
 New episodes, full budget, same cast, same show creator. On Nickelodeon or Nicktoons. Same creative freedom (surprisingly Zim didn't have to go through much censorship)

Why not Comedy Central since they're both owned by Viacom?
The whole point to Invader Zim is that the man behind THIS is entertaining children at a TVY7 level. Why fix what isn't broken?

 Okay, why "Operation: Head Pigeons"?  What's so special about them?
Here's their old website  which makes for a handy guide to why they're so special.
Find out for yourself.