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New York, NY 10036

Also Nickelodeon is clearly interested.

  • Nick more frequently updates THIS

  • Our publicist (the revival campaign Operation Head Pigeons) got this shiny DVD released after their greeting card mailing mission.

  • Nickelodeon reps were "overwhelmed" by the 2011 Invadercon.

  • Nick tweeted about Operation Head Pigeons during the 24 hour Invader Zim marathon on Nicktoons.  

  • On Christmas Eve (prime time hours) Nicktoons premiered the 1999 series pilot after an eight hour marathon and before the result of a "Girreatest Zim moment" poll.   Zim usually airs past midnight or on Sunday afternoons so imagine what money they had to spend.

  • Also Operation Head Pigeons was invited by an official Invader Zim merch vendor to be a guest judge for the official Invader Zim tee design contest.. anyone can see that Nickelodeon would have to grant permission for that.  At minimal that means Nick doesn't find OHP's intent or work conflicting with their interests.

  •  key cast and crew members who were special guests at the 2011 Invadercon applauded the Head Pigeon admin and expressed interest in returning to the show.  However, the cast and crew are  unable to comment further, they do offer support behind closed doors.  More importantly at Invadercon II: Doomcon each special guest unanimously agreed that if the show was to return and if it was as "horrible" as Jhonen said it would be they'd love to go back. 

The devices also give free lobotomies!