Other stuff!

- Invadercon II: Doomcon took place in Torrance, California late jUly, 2012.  Special guests included Jhonen Vasquez and a variety of cast and crew members.  It's also where Project Massive began.

-  banging the drum for new episodes and quality merchandise all while providing you with up-to-date news on Zim.  Publicly acknowledged by Nickelodeon, invited to both Invadercons, and were guest judges for the official Invader Zim tee design contest.  These kids are the real deal if you want Zim back.

Remember the scripted but 
unfinished season 2 episodes
How would you like to animate them with some fellow fans? 

  -  Presented a preview of Mopiness of Doom (here's the trailer!) at Invadercon. Finishing that up in time for Christmas morning and will then work on "Ten Minutes To Doom" Application details here. [NO voice actors or writers, please!]


and here's a neat resource that you can contribute to. 
A comprehensive look at Invader Zim's cast, setting, and story.  It is fully moderated but free for all to edit. 

Want to browse some old websites?
These are some noteworthy but closed websites.  Check 'em out.

Room With A Moose & GirThe show's crew members not only gave RwaM the exclusive content seen on their "closet" section but the Zim crew would also pal around with fans on the site's (now closed) forum.  RwaM admin were even were invited to do a panel at the 2011 Invadercon!
The Amazing Invader Zim Website- A unique highlight is the fan Q&As with series director Steve Ressel and post production supervisor Jason Stiff.

Protip: if you explore those two sites' links section you'll find most of the Zim fansites are down and unviewable right?  WRONG.  Try googling "waybackmachine" and exploring ANY of those sites from any point in its history.  You WON'T need a flux capacitor, either!